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Restor-It products are a unique blend of natural resins and solvents for the control of wood-destroying insects. Our products are time-tested. For 40 years our products have preserved homes, castles and boats in the United States and around the world. We are an industry leader in providing one of the best products for preventing and treating dry rot.

Restor-It brand products are in demand both by domestic and international customers because they are easy to apply, durable and extend the life of wood structures. For example, our epoxy penetrates deep into wood fibers and chemically bonds with the host material, thereby making the wood stronger and resistant to decay.

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When choosing Restor-It brand products, you choose:

We use only the highest quality resins and solvents from around the world.

Our epoxy does not fail, if applied as specified.

Value over Price
Our products out-perform other single-component brands on the market.