Dry Rot Repair

Best Dry Rot Repair Solution

An ignored sort of rot

Dry rot is what many people never expect to infect their wood. The reason for this is that can grow inside of wood without your knowledge of it. For the best type of dry rot repair, you would need to purchase our Epoxy Sealer.

How to use the Epoxy Sealer?

Our Sealer is quite easy to use. It comes in two parts, A and B. You need to measure them and prepare a mixture which has equal amounts of each of these liquids. The measurements do not have to be exact, but within 10% of each other. Before applying the mixture on the wood, it would be best to brush off any lose pieces of wood with a wire brush. You need to ensure that you do not simply put one, instead you need to apply it until the wood cannot absorb anymore.

Versatility of our products

This mixture is not just limited to cure problems like dry rot repair. Our Epoxy sealer is known to even work for freeze thaw problems. You can even use our sealer as a primer coating for your wood. After that you can apply any water based or oil based paint over it. It would be best that you apply the paint within three days of applying the sealer. This would allow the paint to be the part of the mixture and would be absorbed into the wood, providing a good result. While using a water based color it is advised that you wait from 5 to 7 days. If you don’t avoid this then bubbles might start to appear over the paint job.