Epoxy Sealer

Restor-It Sealer— is a two-part 50-50-mix epoxy. Both Part A and Part B are as thin as water, which allows it to penetrate into wood far beyond the dry-rotted area.


  1. Remove the loose dry rot that is on the surface with your hands or wire brush.
  2. Using a firm plastic container, mix equal parts of A and B.
  3. Apply the sealer to the affected area using a brush, roller or sprayer. Do NOT use an airless spray.
  4. Keep applying the sealer until the area is completely saturated.
  5. Allow the area to set for about 30 minutes to ensure full saturation; then re-apply.

Note:  When applying the sealer to large areas, use a spray bottle or a hand-held pump sprayer.

We recommend that you use inexpensive, disposable brushes or spray bottles.



  1. Use our Restor-It clean-up solvent or lacquer thinner from a local hardware store.
  2. Clean the area before the sealer is completely cured.  Once cured, the excess cannot be removed.



Restor-It sealer can serve as a primer for MOST paints and varnishes.  After applying the last coat of sealer, we recommend waiting 24 hours before painting the surface using a flat-finish water-base or oil-base paint. For best results, paint the surface within 72 hours after applying the last coat of sealer. As the sealer dries, it will bond with the paint, thereby embedding it into the wood fibers. This reaction contributes to the durability of the product.

When using a water-base paint that has a gloss finish, allow the sealer to cure fully, approximately 5 to 7 days, before painting over it.  Do not paint the surface before the area is fully cured; otherwise, the paint may bubble because the chemicals in a glossy paint do not allow the solvents to escape.