Boat Dry Rot Repair

We Offer Rot Fix at all Stages

Is replacing an infected wood the only option?

We, Restor-it, try our best to ensure that you do not have to replace your current wood. For this our products are the best in the market which can help you to restore the wood. There are mostly three stages to the destruction of wood.

How to increase the lifespan of wood?

1st is when the piece is infected with a fungi like dry rot. People who go for a rot fix are able to save their woods from quite some damage. The wisest people don’t wait for the rot to come rather they apply our Epoxy Sealer as a primer and then coat a paint over it. This avoids the destruction of the cellulose of the wood which is actually what the fungi feed on.

How to reshape the wood to precise dimensions?

The 2nd stage can be considered as a rot fix. After removing the rot sometimes the wood becomes disfigure and cannot function in a proper way. For this our Epoxy Filler is the best as in the market. The filler is so strong that you need to mould it in a proper shape before it dries. After it is dry you would find that the only way through it would be to use a drilling machine. If you want to smooth the surface it could be easily done by a sand paper.

Wisest fix to broken wood

The third stage is when it is too late for any sort of rot fix. This is the scenario when the wood simple breaks. In such a situation it would be best that you purchase our Epoxy Glue. The best thing about all of products is that they do not wither off with temperature nor does the water cause them to flow away. The bonds formed between our product and the wood is very much strong. For more information you could even call us or explore our website for further information.