What is the difference between Restor-It Flexible Epoxy Filler and other wood fillers?

Many exterior wood filler putties fail because they swell, crack, and eventually pop off of exposed wood. These wood fillers fail because there may still be moisture inside of the wood which expands and contracts with varying weather conditions, or because the water that is then trapped underneath the wood filler worsens the Dry Rot and possibly even accelerating it. Restor-It Flexible Epoxy Filler is a flexible filler so it is different and more effective, because even after it cures and hardens, it stays flexible. The flexibility of the Epoxy Filler is designed to allow the filler to adhere to the wood much better, as it allows the filler to move with the wood during varying weather temperatures which can make wood expand or contract. This ensures that Restor-It Flexible Epoxy Filler will never shrink, crack, or pop off of the wood it is applied to.


This is a type of epoxy wood filler and should be applied after applying the Restor-It Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, to ensure that the wood rot has been completely taken care of. If there is still moisture in the wood and the wood is rotted before the filler is applied then the filler may not have a full cure, or it may not be as effective.