Wood Repair

Restor-it has The Best Products for Wood Repair

What are the services which we offer?

Restor-It offers several different products to help stop, prevent, and fix dry rot damage in your home. Restor-It Epoxy Sealer is made to stop Dry rot and return the wood to its original, hardened state. Our Epoxy Filler is designed to then replace any missing wood due to the dry rot. Our other products include our Wood Glue, and our Clean-up Solvent.

How to fight against dry root?

Epoxy sealer and Epoxy filler can be used together to provide the best results. When applied properly, this combo aids in wood repair. If your wood is infected with dry rot then it would be best to apply our Restor-It Epoxy Sealer over it. The sealer will strengthen the wood and return the wood to its original flexibility. If you are working in colder climates, we do make a cold weather formula. If you do not apply the Sealer before the dry rot is able to deteriorate the wood, then you may have areas where the rot has completely decayed the wood, and gaps are formed. When such a situation arises you need not to panic as wood repair is quite possible. All you need to do it use our Epoxy filler. This will fill any crack or hole and the bond will last forever. You can treat this new surface just as you would any other. You could paint over it; carve it, sand it, or simply leave it be.

What to do with a broken piece of wood?

A broken piece of wood might be beyond any wood repair gel. In such cases, Restor-it Epoxy Glue should be your choice as it provides a firm. Just spread the glue over the two pieces of wood, press them and wait. The bond that this provides will be as strong as the wood originally was.