Wood Rot Repair

Get the Wood Rot Repair Solutions from Us to Fix Your Problems

Are You In a Problem Due To Wood Rot?

It’s a very common problem in every house: wood absorbs moisture in or around your home and causes dry rot to form. You can see it in garage doors, window casings, exterior door trim, log homes, eaves, structural lumber and other wood used in construction. This can especially be seen where the wood looks misshapen, and may appear to have wrinkles in it. An easy way to check to see if there is dry rot in your home is to poke at it firmly with a screwdriver.

Our Products Solve Your Problem

If your home has dry rot, then you do not need to worry as our products all come with sets of instructions on how to use them. We also have video guides on our website to show you exactly how to handle our products, all of them with step by step instructions, beginning with safety equipment, and continuing to how to properly open the cans, what types of materials you will need and how to correctly apply our products.